What do superheroes drink?

So what a day we had yesterday! First we were all a-fluster after a visit from our favorite of all the superheroes – Spiderman! After swinging from the rafters in ‘Turn Off The Dark’, the fantastic Broadway production, actor Matthew James Thomas stopped by for a refreshing cuppa.

It almost ended in tears when he requested warm scones from Nicky (“Warm scones?! WARM SCONES?! Have you seen how small my kitchen is?!”). But before we had the chance to tell her to pick her fights, we were all being shaken to the foundations by the NYC earthquake!

We’d barely picked ourselves up, dusted the crumbs from our hair and resumed service as usual – Dunkirk spirit, stiff upper lip, and all that – when we realised that Spiderman had made a mysterious exit. That fresh brew must have sharpened his Spidey senses…

One thought on “What do superheroes drink?

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