BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

BBC Radio 1 is the most listened to radio station amongst young people in Britain. When they’re in New York, they know where to get themselves the best fish and chips – at A Salt and Battery of course, our adjoining chippy:

Royal wedding: New York City’s take on the big day

By Dave Howard
Newsbeat US reporter

Alta Swyers, 20 (left), thinks the royal wedding is 'very materialistic'

Deep-fried balls of battered wedding cake – just one of the ways New Yorkers are marking the royal wedding.

Around the city, you’ll find Brit-themed fancy dress parties.

The trendiest bars are serving Pimms, scones and old-fashioned afternoon tea and cakes.

The five-hour time difference means thousands plan to wake before dawn tomorrow (29 April), so they can see Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot live on giant outdoor screens.

Nicky Perry is organising an all-day street party outside her British shop and café Tea and Sympathy in south Manhattan.

‘Insane Frenzy’

“I have never seen such insane frenzy about anything in my entire life,” she said. “Americans are going crazy for it.

“We’ve got morris dancers, people are turning up in hats, wedding dresses. People are getting fitted for morning suits.”

Amy Miller has come to Nicky’s shop to buy Earl Grey tea.

“The pageantry, the romance,” she said. “It’s a fairy tale for us in the States that don’t have a monarchy.”

Nicky’s also sold out of Royal Wedding memorabilia like plates, cups and William and Kate scarves and T-shirts.

‘Wedding balls’

Next door, Matt Arnfield, 38, is the British chef at A Salt and Battery, a traditional fish and chip shop.

On the menu just now are ‘wedding balls,’ bite-sized portions of deep-fried wedding cake.

“It’s an iced heavy fruitcake with raisins and sultanas,” he said. “We batter it, and fry it up for about three minutes.

“Nobody else is doing it as far as I know,” he said.

He says he sold 60 last weekend and he’s expecting to sell at least the same again over the next few days.

Twenty-year-old Alta Swyers has been brought to A Salt and Battery by her boyfriend Morgan Callender, who’s also 20.

She is having her first ever meal of proper British fish and chips.

“I don’t care at all about the royal wedding,” she said.

“Everything I hear on the news networks is about what they’re wearing, and how much money they’re spending. It’s very materialistic.”


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