“Music to drink tea to”, by You! A.K.A. The Compilation of the Century.

So, following our call last week or so ago for your favourite musical accompaniments to a nice cup’o cha, here is the final product; hot off the press, all gleaming and shiny and new. For your aural pleasure, we present to you, the wonderfully collaborative effort: ‘Tea & Sympathy Songs to drink Tea to’. We were very grateful for all your recommendations with this! We couldn’t a-done it without you.

1. “Tea & Sympathy” by Jars of Clay. Recommended by Joseph Aiello


2. “For the price of a cup of tea”, by Belle & Sebastian. Here’s a great suggestion from Catherine Giardino Wheels.


3. “Englishman in New York”, by Sting. One of our personal favorites, we couldn’t leave this off!


4. “Toast and Marmalade For Tea”, by Tin Tin. Thank you Abbey Stefaniak, for this  great choice.


5. “Tea for Two”, by Tommy Dorsey Cha Cha. Another recommendation from Joseph Aiello – thank you! An excellent version of an excellent song.


6. “Have a Cuppa Tea”, by The Kinks. Recommended by Stacey (sorry, no surname!)


7. “Come Back as a Flower”, by Stevie Wonder. A divine recommendation from Patty Szymkowicz.


8. “Another Pot O’Tea”, by Anne Murray. Beautiful song; a great suggestion from Winnie Uffelmann


9. “The Swan”, composed by Camille Saint-Saens
. A very refined choice from Mike T. Music to drink tea to… with your pinky sticking out!


10. “Wandering Sophie,” from the Howl’s Moving Castle soundtrack. Thank you for this great offbeat choice, timotheous128.


11. “Mon Coeur Fait Vroum”, by Benabar. Another leftfield choice, this time from theflirate. A perfect accompaniment for a nice cuppa – perhaps of our French Vanilla brew!


12. “Mouthwash”, by Kate Nash.
 Suggested by bubblymel. A lovely Brit lass, and not one to spare us the details: “And I use mouthwash/ Sometimes I floss/ I got a family/ And I drink cups of tea”


13. And to go full circle… “Tea & Sympathy”, by The Comedians. Our own personal favourite… because it’s about us!

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

8 thoughts on ““Music to drink tea to”, by You! A.K.A. The Compilation of the Century.

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  2. Oh I love these!! I am going to post them to accompany my Teapot Tuesdays posts!!! Thanks for the great list!!! I had some of them but not all of them so it was great to hear some new ones!!! THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you for making my morning tea extra extra delightful … I have listened to each and every offering…all brilliant.
    Thank you for including Stevie Wonder as well 🙂

    Now I’d better run some errands… where has the morning gone!
    I think I’ll have an afternoon cuppa with your playlist too!


  4. Thanks for visiting Outside Oslo–I have a new recipe up, which might go perfectly with a steaming cup of tea on a chilly autumn afternoon. It’s a Norwegian orange and chocolate cake. I just had a slice with Earl Gray tea, in fact.

    Your playlist for music to drink tea to is such a great idea!

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