The A Salt and Battery Columbus Day Pirate Party

Straight off the A Salt and Battery press, we hear very exciting news of a Columbus Day Pirate Party, with FREE FISH AND CHIPS! Here’s the info:

Do you like FREE FISH AND CHIPS?!? We are hosting a COLUMBUS DAY PIRATE PARTY! Very last-minute but very straightforward. Come to A Salt and Battery between 3-4.30pm wearing a newspaper pirate’s hat (see video below) and claim your TOTALLY FREE PORTION OF CHIPS! Come dressed as a pirate (and it has to be impressive) and we’ll chuck in FREE FISH AS WELL! Please spread the word, we want this to be a Pirate Party to remember!!!

Here’s the video, showing you how to make your pirate hat:

And, if you’re going the whole hog and dressing up as a pirate (remember, FREE FISH AND CHIPS if you make the effort), may we suggest:


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