People Magazine feature our Chicken and Leek Pie!

Did you see our mention in this week’s People magazine? No worries if not, we made sure to grab a few copies. For your delight and perusal, here’s the fabulous Blake Lively giving our chicken and leek pie the praise it deserves. Our delivery boys know well what a big fan she is, having made many a late night dash to help fill her craving!


20 thoughts on “People Magazine feature our Chicken and Leek Pie!

  1. It was delicious, but how deep a dish do you suggest? Maybe I did something wrong but I ended up with extra sauce. I can’t wait to make it again!! Yummy!!

    • Mine came out like soup! Really good but why such runny sauce and so much? Will someone who got it right please tell me how you did it? Thank you!

      • Maybe check that you added the flour in step 3 to thicken the sauce? Mine came out great without being runny so that’s the only guess I could make.

      • Thank you for checking, and I did add the flour. It’s just a ton of sauce that seems to be out of proportion the the rest of the recipe. 2 and a half cups of stock seems like a lot!

      • was not runny – once I cooked the flour with the butter and added the stock, I stirred it until it reduced and thickened. I think at that stage you just wouldn’t want to combine it with the chicken in the dish until it had thickened up like a gravy. Worth another try – let us know if it works out?

      • i’m going to do it again because it was really good. i think just longer in the pot to thicken will do the trick. i just didn’t want to scorch it with all the cream and milk in it. thanks!!

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