Not to cause a controversy but… THE BRITS INVENTED BASEBALL!

STOP PRESS, STOP PRESS, we have news of a major discovery in the annals of sporting history that threatens to fundamentally uproot transatlantic relations as we know them. Read on, but be prepared to have your most basic notions of the United States of American turned on their head.

It can't possibly be... can it?...

So the long and short of it, Baseball, the sport held most dear in this great nation was only bleeding invented in England!! Here it is, straight from the source:

“Medieval manuscripts show ball games with bats, a game called ‘base-ball’ appears in a picture published in London in 1744 and is mentioned in Jane Austen’s novel, Northanger Abbey, which she began writing in 1798. The game of rounders was first described in Britain 30 years later, and this or a similar game was know among British settlers in America. Abner Doubleday is sometimes credited as the game’s originator in 1839, but Alexander Joy Cartwright Jr drew up baseball’s first rules in 1845…”
From ‘Top 10 of Britain’, Russell Ash.

It is unconfirmed whether the British Baseball League existed in the time of Jane Austen.

First you take “football”, now this…


2 thoughts on “Not to cause a controversy but… THE BRITS INVENTED BASEBALL!

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