The New York Times – ‘Where Restaurants Plead Their Case’

Here’s an interesting piece from The New York Times on the ‘food courts’, where restauranteurs come to face the Health Department over such as issues as their kitchen gradings. We’d like to dedicate this to all the staff, especially in the kitchen, at Tea & Sympathy who helped us get re-awarded our A grading. We are very proud of it, and work our utmost at all times to maintain it. A pat on the back for us!

Where Restaurants Plead Their Case

Michael Della Croce, a bar owner, waits to learn the results of his case at the city health department’s tribunal. Representatives of the food and drinking establishments can spend an entire day waiting their turn.


Published: October 13, 2010

New York’s restaurants sprawl across a vast territory, from the pristine precincts of the multicourse tasting menu to the gritty backwaters of the takeout joint. But there is one grim corner where they all come together: the health department tribunal, a little-publicized court system that metes out penalties for violations of the city sanitary code…

…“You’ve got to get here really early — this place has turned into a circus, a moneymaking circus,” Nicky Perry, who owns the West Village restaurants Tea and Sympathy and A Salt and Battery, said around 8:30 one morning in the office at 66 John Street, just after it opened. The 124 seats around her filled quickly.

“They should have a picture of Bloomberg on the walls going like that,” Ms. Perry added, rubbing her hands together in mock glee…

Well Nicky never has been one to mince her words. As you can see, we’ve paraphrased. You can read the full article here.


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