Flake: Chocolate Bar of the Week #3

For ‘Chocolate Bar of the Week’ #3, we have chosen the Cadbury Flake.

Made from pure Cadbury milk chocolate, what makes the Flake stand out is it’s, ahem, flakey consistency. Cadbury claim the process behind the distinctive crumbly texture is a well-guarded secret, but we did some digging, and it seems the bar was invented in the 1920’s, inspired by excess chocolate spilling over the edges of moulds and setting hard. Biting into one can be a bit of a mess but is well worth it, with the delicate shards accentuating the creaminess of the milk chocolate.

The Flake is now a firm favorite both in the UK and here at Tea & Sympathy. In England, Flakes are often served with Mister Whippy ice cream, in what is known as a ’99’ – a true icon of British summertime:

We also highly recommend dipping them in your tea, but remember, timing is of the essence here!

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