Double Decker: Chocolate Bar of the Week #4

Ah, the Cadbury Double Decker – what a fine example of a chocolate bar. This is the big honcho of English candy bars, the godfather if you will. For contained inside its distinctive orange and purple wrapper is everything you could ask for from a helping of cocoa indulgence, and more.

Named after the iconic London buses, the Double Decker is composed of two layers. Down bottom is a layer of Rice Krispies, bound together by a silky chocolate mixture.  On top is a layer of thick, chewy nougat, flavored with a touch of coffee. The whole thing is then coated in Heaven’s Nectar, aka Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

The Double Decker is a meal in a chocolate bar. It deserves respect. Put some time aside, brew yourself a cuppa, make sure you’re hungry and… Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Double Decker: Chocolate Bar of the Week #4

  1. I am really enjoying your series on British candy bars. I just went to my favorite shop in Haddonfield, NJ, The English Gardener Gift Shop to try a Flake bar – yummy! Now I will have to go back for this one. Keep them coming!

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  3. I’m flattered that you guys liked my photo of Double Decker enough to use it. Would it be too much trouble to ask and give me credit next time please?

    Cadbury Double Decker Wrapper


  4. Just found one of these in my cabinet. My husband’s aunt brought a bunch of candy bars from Ireland and oh man, I’ve never had this before. Holy! I love anything chewy with chocolate, but especially nougat. I need to get some of these shipped to me. Amazing!

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