We’d like to wish a very merry Happy Thanksgiving to all our customers at Tea & Sympathy, and all those who follow our blog. We hope you eat well, drink well and spend it with the people you love. The restaurant and produce store is open as usual tonight, until 10.30pm, so if you don’t want to cook at home (we’re delivering: 212-989-9735), or need to pick up some last minute goodies, stop by!

And with christmas only a month away, now seems the perfect time to begin introducing the this year’s festive treats. First up, as well as being gorgeously buttery, devilishly sweet and oh-so-moreish, thanks to our collective punning skills at T&S, our first offering is also politically relevant! May we introduce to you… Mince OccuPies! Yes, that’s right, we have named that quintessential pastry treat of British Yuletide (packed with sultanas, dried fruit and a spiced syrup) after the goings on in Zucotti Park that dominate New York’s daily headlines. We’ve also invented our very own twitter hashtag #MinceOccuPies (how 21st century!) which we will be using with unrestrained glee between now and December 25th. Please copy, paste, and retweet to your hearts’ content. After all, nothing mixes better than festive frivolities and a bit of political insurrection.

99% delicious

We have various packaged mince pies available in-store at Carry On Tea & Sympathy, as well as the unbeatable homemade #MinceOccuPies, for $2 each, or $6 for two with our very own brandy butter. For further info, please stop by, email us at info@teaandsympathynewyork.com, or phone on 212-989-6735. And remember the Twitter hashtag: #MinceOccuPies!

From all at Tea & Sympathy, we wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings, and a brilliant December to follow. Now bring on Christmas!


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