Viral #TREATYOSELF inspired by us!

Blimey, it looks like Tea & Sympathy is at the root of a craze that’s sweeping Foursquare! Yesterday, we were tagged in a tweet along with the hashtag #TREATYOSELF:

We thought nothing of it, just that it was one of many kind recommendations we receive. But then we stumbled across this article in the New York Observer, and it seems it’s all part of something much bigger, inspired by the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation:

“In the recent episode “Pawnee Rangers” Tom (played by Aziz Ansari) explains that “Treat Yo Self” is an annual tradition where he and former coworkers Donna go to the mall and…well…treat themselves. Treating yo self can apply to buying anything from a massage, mimosas, fine-leather goods, to a fully-functioning  Batman costume.”

And here’s where Tea & Sympathy comes in. #TREATYOSELF has gone viral on Twitter and Foursquare, adopted by users to recommend their favorite forms of pampering. When the journalist behind the article got in touch with Alisha M., the user behind the craze, to find out if this was all part of a clever promotion by NBC, it turned out we were the real inspiration:

“It was a silly idea I had the other night after having a nice dinner at Tea and Sympathy to create a list of places I go to when I want to splurge. And, being a huge fan of Parks and Rec, I wanted to dub it TREAT YO SELF. I have no affiliation with the show, it’s simply my own homage to the show and of course the city I love.”

Thank you Alisha M., we are truly touched! Our mission has always been to offer a haven when a bit of self-indulgence is in order, and it means a lot to us when our customers show their thanks.

PS. We wonder if this was in any way inspired by our ‘Chocolate Bar of the Week’ series which we have been running for seven weeks now with the title ‘Treat Yourself’. Or just happy coincidence?

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