Bad British joke of the week… *groan*

Monday, bloody Monday. Can’t quite face the office? Go armed with this little gem of Terrible British Humor and you’ll be the life and soul of the water-cooler…

Why are there no painkillers in the jungle?
Because the parrots ate them all.

With jokes like that, do you wonder why?

* More so than usual, this terrible joke needs some explaining. In Britain, we refer to acetaminophen as Paracetamol. Thus, ‘parrots ate them all’, Paracetamol, ‘parrots-ate-them-all’… geddit?

If you’re a fan of our weekly bad British joke, we have a chocolate bar just for you. Penguin Bars are made from chocolate cream sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits, covered in milk chocolate. A common feature of packed lunches, each bar comes with a joke printed on the packaging, of a similar calibre to this one…

So there you have it, from a parrot to a Penguin… As with all products featured on the blog, Penguin Bars are available in-store, or by mail order, just get in touch on 212-989-9735, or


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