Marmite: A Profile

Following last week’s bizarre news of a 20 tonne spillage of Marmite on a major highway in England, we thought a little profile of this sticky, salty delicacy was in order. Whether ‘you love it or you hate it’, is a matter of personal taste, well capitalised on by it’s advertising slogan. Here’s a great description of the stuff from ‘Rules Britannia: The 101 Essential Questions of Britishness Answered’, by Rohan Candappa, which answers the perennial question asked of all that work in Carry On Tea & Sympathy – ‘What’s Marmite?’

Marmite is a sticky, shiny substance, the consistency of melted tarmac, so concentratedly dark brown it is almost black. Its flavour is salty and somewhat like fried onions, or the condensed juices scraped off the bottom of a roasting pan in which your mother has just cooked the Sunday joint of beef.

Marmite has long been a staple food of the British home. Perhaps its ultimate expression is in the form of the ‘Marmite soldier’ [here’s a great video of Nicky making Marmite soldiers on Daily Candy], which compromises of a toasted slice of white bread that has been buttered, then thinly spread with Marmite, and finally cut into vertical strips approximately half an inch across. Ideally this should be be eaten while the toast is still warm.

Few true Britons can read the above sentences without their mouths salivating and becoming gripped by an almost uncontrollable urge to go an deploy their toaster at the earliest possible opportunity. Paradoxically, however, it is also acceptably British to absolutely hate Marmite. What is definitely un-British is to be indifferent to it. If you want to truly be a part of this land of ours you need to have an opinion on it.

We sell three sizes of the gooey good stuff, small for $6.95, medium for $11, and extra large for $22. As with all products featured on the blog, you can purchase in-store, online, by email (, or on the phone (212-989-9735).  For those who’s minds are made up, we’re preaching to the converted, but if you haven’t tried Marmite yet, we strongly recommend you do; you may love it… or hate it!

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