Bounty: Chocolate of the Week

Not a winter person? Is the cold starting to get to you? Fancy a tropical holiday for one? Well that’s what we’re offering with this week’s featured chocolate bar (sort of…)! And as ever, it’s only two bucks!

The light blue Bounty is milk chocolate and the red is dark.

The Bounty consists of flaked coconut encased in a shell of milk or dark chocolate. Doing the rounds since 1951, Bounty is produced by Mars International and marketed internationally, although is conspicuously absent in the States. The closest thing to be found on these shores is Hershey’s Mounds but, as our life mantra dictates, when offered Hershey’s products we must kindly decline and explain that we’d rather eat our own shoe.

Thick, sweet coconut encased in chocolate = yum!

There is something unique about the Bounty. The thick interior of coconut is moist and substantial, yet has something approaching a freshness that can be lacking in cocoa offerings packed with biscuit, caramel, nougat, wafer, toffee, etc. etc. (we’re sorry Double Decker, we do still love you, just only in certain moods).

And while a tropical holiday for one may be an exaggeration, as this classic 1987 advert shows, you at least get a ‘taste of paradise’:

As with all chocolate bars and featured products on the blog, you can buy in-store, or order by email (, or by giving us a call (212-989-9735).


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