Christmas Gift Guide

My goodness, Christmas has crept up on us this year. With only 12 days left, we’re into the final countdown and we know as well as the next person that this is when most of the shopping happens. We’ve put together this guide to some of our best Christmas products to help you get the right gifts for one and all.

As well as being available in-store, we can ship any of the items you see here. Get in touch via email ( or by phone (212-989-9735), if you’re interested in anything you see here or have any further questions.

And from everyone at Tea & Sympathy, Merry Christmas!

Hope & Greenwood old fashioned candy selections. Beautiful packaging, and great for anyone older who would have grown up with these treats, or as a way to introduce the next generation! $8.95-$35.00

For the tree we have these great Union Jack baubles. A perfect gift for an Anglophile friend, or keep them for yourself and have the snazziest Douglas Fir in town.

Walker's luxury toffee selection. Four flavors, complete with a mini metal hammer to save your teeth the hard work! $14.95

This might be our favorite Christmas product. A yard of Jaffa Cakes, containing five standard-size boxes. Sure to keep even the most diehard fan of these delicious chocolatey, orangey biscuits happy for a month or two! A steal at only $25.

We've really gone all out with our Christmas cakes this year. Handmade in Massachusetts by some incredibly skilled women who call themselves 'The English Cousins'. Incredibly authentic and totally delicious. Fruit, frosting and plenty of brandy! $65

Fancy a cup (or two) of something festive? The very skilled tea mixers at Taylors of Harrogate have let out this limited edition Spiced Christmas blend. If you're not yet feeling the yuletide spirit, a mug of this will get you in the mood!

No Christmas is complete without a box of choccies. So we've flown in a wide selection from Thornton's, Britain's best-loved quality confectioner. Pour yourself a glass of port, sit by the fire and slowly but surely work your way through the whole lot!

And if you, or the one you're buying for, is more of a Cadbury's fan, then this is for you. All the favorites, packaged in a festive stocking. A chocoholic's dream!

And, of course... tea! We have a wide selection of Ahmad's Tea gift boxes in stock. With up to 12 flavors in each, this should keep any tea drinker happy for the rest of the year.


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