Toffee Crisp: Chocolate of the Week

What’s the weekend without a nice British chocolate bar? As we do every Saturday, we’re bringing you our favorite of the week. So without any further deliberation, we would like to introduce to you… Toffee Crisp!

The combination of puffed rice embedded in toffee and dipped in milk chocolate has proven utterly irresistible to legions of fans since it was created back in 1963. Wrapped in a distinctive bright orange packet, the perfect balance of crisp rice puffs, chewy toffee and buttery milk chocolate is a real winner.

And here’s the well-known advert for the Toffee Crisp from back in the 1980s. With Thatcher’s spectre looming large in the shape of Prime Minister Cameron, the representation of rainy, glum Britain becomes all the more poignant. But nevermind, we still have the world’s best chocolate bars!


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