Christmas Gift Guide #2

SIX DAYS TO GO, SIX DAYS TO GO. Yes, you heard us right, ONLY SIX DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Goodness me, it gives us palpitations just thinking about it. With over 40% of shoppers leaving their gift buying to the last minute, we know we’re not alone in our anxieties. To try and ease the strain a little, here is the second compilation of the best festive goodies we have in stock. While it’s too late to ship, come in-store to pick up anything you see here, or throughout our Christmas section.

Quality Street are a true Christmas classic back in Blighty. A fetching tin, or smaller box, packed with individually wrapped chocolate morsels. Your favorite may be the strawberry fondant, but granny prefers the praline. Pass round a box on Christmas day and discover the joys of the best of British candy!

Cadbury, Cadbury, Cadbury, ah how you make our lives complete! We've just got in this selection of goodies from the UK's most popular chocolate house. Milk chocolate-covered cookies, and monster-sized bars of what they do best: chocolate straight up.

Our china selection is extremely popular. While a grandma, mother or aunt may be the first person who jumps to mind when thinking who to buy a teapot for, younger gals and guys also love a bit of porcelain just as much. Predominantly imported from England, as you can see we have a wide variety. From plain colored, to dogs and cats, to the Tower of London, we have chinaware in every shape and size. Add to a loved one's collection, or start one anew, this Christmas.

The Tea & Sympathy bible! Penned by our Nicky and the very talented Anita Naughton, "Tales of an English Teashop in New York City" is packed with all the recipes we feature on the blog and many more. It also contains a whole host of great anecdotes from T&S's history, including love, loss and triumph. Whip up a Shepherd's Pie, snuggle up in front of a fire and loose yourself in tales of your favorite teashop.

Christmas certainly ain't complete without cookies. Alongside the aforementioned offerings from Cadbury's, we've got McVitie's holiday tins in stock. Overflowing with a whole selection of Brit 'biscuits', there's something for everyone in each tin.

More to follow in the next couple of days!

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