The Evening Standard: Parking Fees in London – Nicky enters the fray!

Parking is as contentious an issue in London as it is this side of the Atlantic. With officials in Blighty looking to ban free  evening and weekend spots, The Evening Standard got in touch with Nicky. She was more than willing to offer her opinion:

Don’t do it: Boris Johnson parking fees plea

Peter Dominiczak, Benedict Moore-Bridger and Jonathan Prynn
2 Dec 2011

Our Bloomberg: London mayor Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson today called on Westminster council to abandon plans for a “nightlife tax” on central London after other cities warned of parking fees’ disastrous economic impact.

Council leaders plan to abolish free parking on single yellow lines in the West End after 6.30pm and on Sunday afternoons from January. They say it is a bid to ease evening congestion. But the proposals have been met with outrage from Government ministers, London’s biggest employers, Church leaders, restaurateurs and unions…

...Nicky Perry, who runs the British tea shop Tea And Sympathy in Greenwich Village, said: “To charge that kind of money they have to be idiots. People would go mad if they tried that in New York. People drive in to go shopping and buy things in the city they can only get in the city. If you charged them $7 or $8 then that would be it. I’d have to close up and move back to London.”

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