The New York Times: Charles & Camilla’s 2007 Visit to NYC

They’ve even got her commenting on the bleedin’ Royals now! Here’s Nicky’s take  on Prince Charles and Camilla’s New York visit back in 2007.

On Your Toes, Blokes, 2 Highnesses Coming — Charles and Camilla

Published: January 27, 2007

Nicky Perry, owner of Tea and Sympathy, a British tea shop, recalled London papers’ criticism of the royal travel arrangements.

It has been just over a year since their Wellington boots last sloshed about on these shores, and it’s not as though that trip — billed as their first official overseas tour since being married in April 2005 — came off so smashingly that they, or an adoring American public, ought to be crying out for another.

“They” would be Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall — Charles and Camilla. During that trip, in early November 2005, The New York Post ridiculed Charles for failing to make eye contact with his wife throughout a 9/11 memorial event in Lower Manhattan (“maybe they’ve just grown accustomed to sneaking around”); and in The Washington Post, Tina Brown, ostensibly praising Camilla, wrote: “She’s smaller, prettier, more delicate than all those cruel horseface snaps would have you believe.”

Even so, the royal couple haven’t had enough of the United States, it would seem. They have arranged another American publicity tour and will be spending today, the first day of this jaunt, in Philadelphia (Liberty Bell, Commodore Barry statue, National Constitution Center).

Tomorrow, it’s on to New York, where they will tour the Harlem Children’s Zone, a nonprofit educational organization in Upper Manhattan, and attend a black-tie reception at the Harvard Club in the prince’s honor. At that event, Al Gore will present him with the Global Environmental Citizen Award, and Charles, according to a schedule put out by the British Consulate in New York, will deliver a speech “on environmental issues.”

In and around Greenwich Village, where a good number of Brits work in the fields of fashion, media and design (having taken glamorous and low-paying jobs from their American counterparts), the prince’s countrymen viewed the royal visit — not to mention H.R.H. himself — with something less than awe…

…To much of the British public, Charles, old-fashioned and aloof, has had little success in his attempts to present himself as a man of the people.

“There was a horrible thing in the London papers in advance of this trip” when it came out that he was considering flying a private jet to bring 20 people to New York with him, said Nicky Perry, who owns Tea and Sympathy, a British tea shop on Greenwich Avenue. “They went on and on about the preposterous size of his carbon footprint. It was cruel.”

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