Gothamist: Tea & Sympathy is the perfect accompaniment to Downtown Abbey

We’re very excited about the return of Downton Abbey on PBS, with the first episode of the second season aired on Sunday. has rightly called it “the greatest British Upstairs/Downstairs drama of our time”, and has compiled a guide to the best high teas in NYC to celebrate! We are, of course, pride of place!:

NYC’s Best High Teas To Celebrate The Return Of Downton Abbey

Maggie Smith, as resplendent as usual. And looking as if her tea didn't go down too well!

On Sunday night, PBS will begin airing the second season of… Downton Abbey. There will be war! And intrigue! And Maggie Smith! And manners! So what better way to celebrate then with a nice proper cup of afternoon tea on Sunday before settling in to check in on the Crawley crew and their (mostly) devoted staff. To that end, here are five spots—some fancy, some less so— that probably wouldn’t upset the Dowager Countess of Grantham.

Celebrate Downton Downtown
Love manners on TV but prefer real life to be a little looser? Perhaps you might want to try a more casual tea room. To that end the tiny Podunk on East Sixth Street is about as charming and quaint a tea shop as you’ll find with knick knacks aplenty and very good snacks to go with their inventive blends. Or step it up a bit and try the always entertaining Tea & Sympathy where you can enjoy terrific teas on mismatched china along with a surprisingly good selection of British bites (go in the morning and try the breakfast!).

 The next episode is on Sunday. We’re open from 9.30 am onwards, and will be delivering (212-989-9735) until 10pm. Downton Abbey and a Chicken & Leek Pie; what more could you want!

3 thoughts on “Gothamist: Tea & Sympathy is the perfect accompaniment to Downtown Abbey

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  2. This Brit was thrilled to discover Tea & Sympathy when she lived stateside – a life saver – and a confession now I am back on this side of the pond – I am obsessed with Downton too – very high on my agenda was to have tea at Downton Abbey –…-downton-abbey/

    and do you know, you can also take a splendid train there for afternoon tea:…m-a-bygone-era/

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