Maltesers: Chocolate of the Week

Whose New Year’s Resolution was to give up chocolate? You fool! We’re confident we can bring you back to the dark, sweet and creamy side with our featured chocolate this week. Maltesers are small nobbly spheres, beneath the milk chocolate shell of which lies a core of malted honeycomb.

The combination of sweet honey and savoury malt and the crumbly interior balanced with the creamy Mars chocolate shell, is enough to break the best of resolutions. But never fear, at only 187 calories a packet, they’re actually a pretty restrained treat.

So go on, celebrate the end of your New Year’s Resolution with a packet of Maltesers! You could even turn them into cookies:

As with all our featured chocolate bars, you  can purchase Maltesers in-store, or we can ship! Get in touch on 212-989-9735, or at

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