Curly Wurly: Chocolate Bar of the Week

The annuls of British confectionary history contain their fair share of fortuitous accidents. The marvellous Flake was invented after someone was struck by the crumbliness of the milk chocolate overflow from another mould. This week’s featured chocolate bar is another such example. The Curly Wurly owes its existence to the confectionary curiosity of a man named David John Parfitt. A long-serving research chocolatier (if anyone knows where to apply for this job – let us know!), he was experimenting with surplus toffee after hours.

The process by which he arrived at the highly distinctive kinks and curves of this serpentine little bar is lost to the chocolatey mists of time. One can only imagine how he twisted and teased to arrive at the two intertwined lengths of chewy toffee. The important thing is that he did, then dipped the whole thing in milk chocolate, put it in a wrapper and Cadbury’s began selling it!

We’ve already established that Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is one of the finest commodities on earth. The addition of a tough toffee interior takes it to a whole other level: insert into side of mouth, tug with molars, feel tension and snap, then milk chocolate crumble on your bottom lip and melt in the corner of your mouth.. and chew! The simple pleasures are truly the greatest.

^ A classic 1970’s British advert for the Curly Wurly. They were only 3p (5 cents)?!

As with all featured chocolate bars, we stock Curly-Wurlies, imported from the British Isles. They’re available in-store, at 110 Greenwich Avenue, NYC, or online. Contact us for further info or if you’d like us to ship for you: 212-989-9735,


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