Cadbury Wispa – British Candy Bar of the Week!

This week’s featured chocolate bar comes with a story fit for Shakespeare. Originally launched in 1983 as a trial, the Wispa captured the hearts and tastebuds of the entire nation and rapidly became a confectionery icon. However, tragedy lay ahead as in 2003, this Henry VII or Richard III (or whoever was – we didn’t pay attention in English Literature – too busy dreaming of skyscrapers and golden sidewalks!) of chocolate bars fell victim to unseen forces. Namely, a rebranding exercise in which it became the Dairy Milk Bubbly.

But everyone knows my favorite chocolate bar was the Toffee Crisp!

While it’s fate seemed sealed, the general public weren’t having it. Thanks to a mass outpouring of adoration (and the help of one of London’s top marketing firms) Cadbury relinquished and, Juliet-like (we’re getting into the swing of this!), the Wispa returned from the jaws of death.

Here’s the Wispa advert that captures perfectly the sense of joyousness that spread spontaneously across the width and breadth of the country when the Wispa was put back into production:

The bar itself is a gorgeous mouthful of velvety, bubbly Cadbury Dairy Milk, not dissimilar to Nestle’s Aero. We thoroughly recommend you give it a try – and remember this beautiful tale as you gobble it up!

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