Tea & Sympathy Cupcake Competition

Morning all, happy Monday, give us a smile, the weekend’s over but it’s not that bad – especially as we are announcing a brand new create-a-cupcake competition! It’s pretty straightforward – we want you to suggest traditional British flavors for us to turn into bitesized baked yummies. We put our heads together at T&S HQ over the weekend and came up with a few ideas of our own: Guiness, Rhubarb & Custard and Maltesers got us excited, while Shepherd’s Pie and Branston Pickle  got a firm thumbs down…

We need to confirm the prize, but most likely it’ll be a pot of tea and a couple of your little creations at Tea & Sympathy! As well as getting the honor to help name the beauty.

So please let us know by commenting below, or tweeting us @TeaAndSympathy, or on facebook.

Really looking forward to your suggestions!

One day, all this could be yours... Just give it a great British flavor!

32 thoughts on “Tea & Sympathy Cupcake Competition

  1. I have two ideas…
    1) FlapJack Cupcake: a yellow made with oats and sweetened with golden syrup with browned butter icing, dusted with brown sugar

    2) Hot Toddy Cupcake: a clove and cinnamon spice cake with a whiskey flavored egg-custard filling and honey-vanilla icing

  2. I’ve got a Baileys Cheesecake sitting in my fridge (recipe coming soon!) so I’m going to suggest a Baileys Irish Cream Cupcake – perhaps with a green fondant shamrock on top, perfect for St Paddys Day 🙂

  3. Not sure if it’s cakey enough, but I’d love to see an Apple Crumble. Maybe with an apple filling and a custard-influenced frosting? Or the other way ’round?

  4. I have a recipe for an apple and rhubarb loaf that I’ve been dying to bake- I think the idea’s taken from the good old-fashioned apple/rhubarb crumble! Would love to see it in cupcake form 🙂
    Also, my grandma’s own (very, very old) lemon cake with tangy lemon syrup always seems to resonate British tradition with me!

  5. Thank you for all the great suggestions. We’ll be announcing a shortlist for our #CupcakeCompetition over on Twitter (@TeaAndSympathy) throughout the course of the day. We’ll then be asking the lucky ones who make it on to the list to name their creations before choosing a winner. We’ll post the full list here on facebook, after we’ve tweeted them all!

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  7. Thank you for all your fantastic suggestions, and congratulations to those who made the shortlist. After much deliberation, the overall winner is Viki Noe’s ‘Black & Tan’; a delicious Guinness & dark chocolate creation – we just couldn’t turn down the thought of giving this a try!

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