Tea Variety Guide Part Two: Something for the Weekend

Did you have a cup of tea & a slice of cake at 4pm today? We do hope so, because we are not letting up in our campaign to get NYC taking Afternoon Tea. Following on from last week’s tea guide, here’s instalment number two, covering some very exotic leaves.

CEYLON - This category includes any black or green teas grown in Sri Lanka, which vary in quality. The finest varieties are grown at higher elevations and have a full flavor and fragrance that makes this another tea that is excellent to drink anytime.

OOLONG - These teas are only partially oxidised, and then they are pan fried. This crucially timed blast of heat and moisture arrests the oxidation process, leaving the tea a lighter green-brown. The partial oxidation makes for a more delicate-tasting tea.

GREEN TEA - So-called because these teas are processed and dried without being allowed to oxidise. These delicate teas are highly regarded for their healthful properties.

WHITE TEA - These are very rare and correspondingly expensive. Their delicate taste makes them a real connoisseur's tea; you would not want to blend them with another tea, as their characteristics would be lost.

More correctly referred to as tisanes. These teas are in a category of their own because they do not contain any tea. This is a general category for dried preparations to which boiling water is added and a brew produced in the same manner as a tea. They are blended from dried fruits and/or herbs and spices and tend not to have any caffeine content.


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