The Communal Pantry on Tea & Sympathy… Nicky spills all!

Being featured on blogs means a lot more to us than a nice write up in a glossy magazine or one of the daily papers. After all, it’s not the journalists we’re cooking all this bleeding food for – it’s you.

So when The Communal Pantry stopped by to interview Nicky, we were over the moon. It’s great to see the post published, complete with shiny pictures and kind words. Click here or below to read what Ms. Perry had to say about making the perfect cup of tea, famous diners and The Rules…

Last Sunday’s foodie adventure led us full circle on a 45 minute trip around Lower Manhattan, trying to find an address that did not exist.  It must have been fate though, that led us to finally park in Greenwich Village right outside Nicky Perry’s fabulous little piece of Britain and mini food empire (well ’empire’ certainly by NYC rent standards)….Read More

If you’ve written a blogpost about us, or come across one during your online travels, please send it our way – either by email (, on twitter, facebook, or in the comments below.

One thought on “The Communal Pantry on Tea & Sympathy… Nicky spills all!

  1. I read the interview, and was fascinated to see all the famous faces that visit your tearoom, but I’m not in the least bit surprised that it’s so popular because it looks like a little bit of paradise in New York. One of these days I hope to visit it myself. Incidentally, I’ve had that fairtrade Rosie tea served to me in tearooms but I’ve never seen it for sale in shops. I assumed it was only available to caterers, but apparently you sell it? It makes a very tasty brew.

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