Valentine’s Day Prize for the Best British Love Song!

Ah, Valentine’s Day… Did you awake with a full heart and eager expectance at what the postman might bring?  Or did you pull the covers over your head and wish you could sleep until tomorrow? V Day is hard to avoid in this city, so we thought we’d run a little competition to help you celebrate – or commiserate – as you saw fit. We’re asking you to suggest your favorite British love songs over the course of the day. We’ll put them together this evening into a little playlist, and the best suggestion will win a prize. Be as schmultzy, cynical, or downright silly as you like… as long as it’s British!

To get the ball rolling, here’s song number one – suggested by us!

We’ll confirm shortly what the prize will be. Top of the list at the moment is scones for you and a special someone… or two portions for yourself!

We’re open this evening (and delivering) until 10.30pm. It’s BYOB, so grab a bottle of champers and tell your loved one to meet you at 108 Greenwich Ave.

Update: The prize has been confirmed as scones for two. And if the winner sings the song to the restaurant, Nicky will give ’em dinner for free as well!!!!!!!!!!!

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