The Campaign for Little Britain

A few years back, we spearheaded a campaign to have our neighborhood renamed ‘Little Britain’. There’s a Little Italy and a China Town, so why shouldn’t our anglified corner of Greenwich Village, and the numerous Brit expats who live here, be recognised? Richard Branson, and other notable Brits agreed, and produced this video outlining the cause:

Unsuccessful the first time round, it seems the campaign’s embers still smoulder. Last week, Gothamist ran a piece entitled ‘Time to Cede Greenwich Avenue to the Brits?’ Recalling the campaign, the article states:

Something funny happened in the five years since. The area, which already had a few Anglo-friendly spots, went and got more British. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old moniker?

It goes on:

With the addition the lovely Whitehall a bit further east, you really could spend a day there without worrying about getting any Yankee filth in your stomach. Brunch at Whitehall, tea at Tea, dinner at A Salt, drinks at Fiddlesticks and boom! You’ve had a British staycation in the Village.

So, is the campaign about to be reignited? We couldn’t possibly say…

A sign of things to come?


5 thoughts on “The Campaign for Little Britain

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