Adele ‘flips the bird’ at The Brit Awards!

The shock, the horror, the controversy! A fine young British lady ‘flipping the bird’! Unbelievable! What has happened to dear old  Blighty when such a flagrant display of crude Yankism is transmitted on the BBC! We have three words for you, Adele: YOU GO, GIRL!!

For those who missed it, the Brit Awards – the UK’s answer to the Grammy’s – took place last night in London. Adele deservedly bagged herself two awards (shouldn’t she have got more?!) but her acceptance speech for ‘Best Album of the Year’ was cut short by presenter James Corden as show-closers Blur began their set. She replied, “Can I just say then, I’ll say goodbye and I’ll see you next time around, yeah?” before sending the middle finger of her right hand skyward:

She released a statement today clarifying the finger was meant “for the suits, not the fans“, while James Corden isn’t too happy either. If you’re reading this Adele: we’d just like to say, we’re behind you 100%. After the fantastic year you’ve had, and the great music you’ve brought us, they should have let you talk all bloody night if you wanted to! And let’s not forget she delivered another knockout performance of ‘Rolling in the Deep’:

We’ll never get bored of this song, nor the delightful lady herself. Congrats Adele and love & kisses from NYC!


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