A Fabulous French Feature on Tea & Sympathy!

Much is made of Anglo-French animosity. What with the Norman Conquest, the Battle of Agincourt, and the Six Nations, it’s easy to see why there may be, ahem, disagreements. But truth be told, cross-channel relations best reflects the goading conviviality of a sibling rivalry – and when it comes to moments of need, we know they’re only a Eurostar ride away.

The first ladies of France and Britain: Carla Bruni and Samantha Cameron. Do they trump us when it comes to fashion? Please let us know in the comments!

Twist our hand behind our back, and dig a finger in our ribs, and we may even begrudgingly admit there are a couple of things our froggy cousins do better than us – but never to their face! While food certainly isn’t one of them (gives us Jamie over Escoffier any day of the week), they certainly know a thing or two about cinema. Which is why when the French film company Simonet Productions asked to make a feature on the goings-on in Little Britain, we only had one word for them: ‘Oui!’ Beautifully shot, snappily edited, and with musique exceptionnel, we reckon they give Jean-Luc Godard a run for his money:

If you like what you see, please let Simonet know on facebook or twitter. You also may like to pay a visit to our lovely next door neighbours, Lyon.

We’ll have our weekly recipe for you tomorrow, but until then… Au Revoir!


3 thoughts on “A Fabulous French Feature on Tea & Sympathy!

  1. I think they do trump us in the fashion stakes, and I do love French films, but I also love British ones. We do northern comedy drama very well, and who can beat us when it comes to costume dramas of the Pride and Prejudice type?

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