Welsh Cakes: St David’s Day Recipe

In honour of St David’s Day this week’s recipe is for Welsh cakes. These flat cakes are similar to scones, except sweeter, denser, and packed with currants. They are traditionally cooked on a griddle, which is  similar to a frying pan, placed over a fire. Heavenly when sprinkled with sugar, sliced in half and spread thickly with butter!

Pat with sugar before serving!

We were going to use a Delia Smith recipe, but for autheticity’s sake, we went with one from the Welsh Griddle Company. According to them: “What categorises Welsh Pancakes is that they are made in a pile, well buttered, then cut down in wedges and eaten like a cake.” We’ve never tried them this way, but we certainly wouldn’t say no!

Welsh Cake Recipe

Pice ar y Maen (Welsh Cakes) Ingredients:
(250g) 8oz self-raising flour
(75g) 3 oz butter
(1/4 tsp) pinch of salt
(75g) 3 oz currants
(75g) 3oz caster sugar
1 egg
little milk (to mix)
extra caster sugar (to sprinkle)
¼ tsp of spice (optional)

Cooking Instructions
Rub the fat into the flour. Add the dry ingredients, then the egg the milk. Mix into a stiff paste. Roll out, cut into rounds and bake on a griddle over medium heat. When cold, sprinkle with extra caster sugar.

On the griddle.

And of course, there’s always Welsh Rarebit!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!  (Happy St. David’s Day!)

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