Colman’s Mustard: British Pantry

Blimey, anyone else noticed all this heritage malarkey doing the rounds? Distressed wallpaper in restaurants little more than six months old, half the city dressing like their grandparents, and people sipping cocktails not seen since before Prohibition. Well, we’ve got just the brand to tickle NYC’s vintage taste buds. Colman’s mustard is Blighty’s oldest food brands, “invented” in 1814 by a Norfolk miller who mixed white and brown mustards…. genius!

It has since become a quintessential British condiment, the striking yellow of the mustard itself matched by the distinctive packaging, complete with bull’s head. It received the Royal Warrant (denoting its use in the regal household) from dear old Queen Vicky, back in 1866 and has remained a firm favorite in Buckingham Palace’s store cupboard ever since.

One does hope there's Colman's. It was granny's favorite, you know.

Not as sweet as American mustard, Colman’s has an unapologetic kick to it. Much like wasabi, it is important to use sparingly if you want to avoid a nasal firestorm and streaming eyes! A classic adornment to a ham sandwich, or dabbed on a pork pie (we recommended Myers‘), or Cornish pasty.

Myer's of Keswick ( are located just around the corner from us at 634 Hudson Street. They serve the best British meat products this side of the Atlantic, and we are very proud to stock their bacon & scotch eggs, as well as pork pies.

We sell Colman’s in-store, or we can ship. Get in touch on 212-989-9735, or by email:

Just remember – we said a dab!


2 thoughts on “Colman’s Mustard: British Pantry

  1. We find this mustard mild! Only since we have discovered an Australian make of mustard that blows the sinus’s out of the water so to speak 🙂

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