The Special Relationship, Prince Harry and Royal Tea at Fortnum & Mason

A few news stories that have caught our eye of late have left us brimming with confidence in the ‘Special Relationship‘. Not that we ever doubted it of course; despite occasional tongue-in-cheek goading, our first hand experience suggests all is rosy transatlantically-speaking. David Cameron is down in DC at the moment, and his matey show with Mr Obama, next to Sam Cam and Michelle’s apparent friendliness, implies this won’t be changing any time soon.

And any single young ladies out there who want to strengthen the relationship, keep an eye out for Prince Harry’s recent interview in which he complains about being unlucky in love. Stating that his ‘job’ has stood in the way of him and potential brides, he says he hopes to have a princess on his arm before turning 30. That’s only three years away, and the fact he gave the interview to an American network (CBS), could mean he’s been casting his eye over the Atlantic…



To finish off this impromptu news round-up, here’s a story we can’t quite believe we missed. The Queen, Kate, and Camilla, going for tea! A couple of weeks back now, the royal trio descended on Fortnum & Mason – the luxury London department store – to unveil a plaque, and sample the fine British produce they have on sale. As restrained as ever, the Queen remarked on the day: “How Marvellous!”

Has anyone put the kettle on?


Now, we wonder which blend of tea they all went for…

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