The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Looking around NYC, you’d be excused for thinking Gordon Gecko was referring to cupcakes when he uttered the infamous words: “greed is good“. You can’t turn a corner without tripping over a new boutique bakery and from Magnolia to Buttercup, frostings and fillings are being used with ever-increasing gusto. Now, displaying supply-and-demand pragmatism to do Michael Douglas and co. proud, Sprinkles have announced plans to launch a cupcake dispensing ATM on the Upper West Side. What’s more, it wouldn’t look amiss on 1980’s Wall Street!

What a fantastic idea, eh! Now, what do we think of a Victoria Sponge version for Greenwich Avenue?

3 thoughts on “The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

    • Yes, we agree. I think they’ve said they’ll restock it daily, but still, you don’t really want to be eating a cake that’s been sitting inside a dark, dank machine for some time!

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