Paul’s Hot Cross Bun Poem

After last week’s post on hot cross buns, we got into some good-natured rivalry over on facebook about how best to rhapsodize these delicious little morsels. When we challenged our good friend Paul Cosier to match our description (“Put the kettle on, whack one in the toaster and you have yourself a plateful of springtime bliss!”), we had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. After reading the poem that Paul came back with, I think you’ll more than agree: we’ve been well and truly beat!!

Eaten by all not just one
Baked by Nicky Perry
Omitting blueberry
The world-famous T&S scone

Greenwich-Mean-Time, Toodle Pips
Calories add to the hips
Can I believe my eyes?
A filling for pies
This one containing just chips!

Chicken, Fish, Vegetable stock
Rolling the dough on a block
Some fishes a school
She’s nobody’s fool
More than one chicken a flock

Punters in droves, far and near
Scones-Cornish and Pasties m’dear
The Staten Isle ferry
Welcomes Nicky Perry
Eurgh! mal-de-mer, no such fear

Please drop by, why? your whistle’s not wet
All welcome, now please place your bet
De-frosted the butter
Table six for the nutter
No credit – no tab – no debt

Nicky’s rule: no cuppa “sans” coaster
Hot cross buns lightly grilled, not a roaster
Forecast warnings of gales
In case all else fails
Her advice: “smack one in the toaster”

This should get your taste buds flowing
Out of breath, puffing and blowing
It’s what we call “it” now
Time for my bow
I’m all of a buzz – somewhat glowing!


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