How to Marry Harry: Dining Etiquette

It’s week three in our failsafe plan to bag yourself a Royal wedding. Having taught you about attitude and discretion, this week’s masterclass from Dowager Robinson, our in-house etiquette expert, focuses on dining. By now, of course, you should have all bagged yourself a date with Harry. If you haven’t, read on; your chance will come and when it does, he’ll be certain to judge you on how you handle your knife and fork.

Ok, listen up boys and girls – essential stuff here. Firstly, it should go without saying that lateness is never excusable and to ignore the dress code set out on your invitation is a faux-pas of the highest order.

Who invited the Irish?

Cutlery layout should always be the same – fork to the left, knives and spoons to the right. As dear Jack learnt back on the Titanic, work from the outside inwards. And last, but by no means least, dessert implements sit above the place setting.

Needless to say,As the meal commences, place your napkin on your lap. Do not tuck it into your shirt, and avoid calling it a serviette. Dab the corners of your mouth if necessary during your meal, but do not make grand wiping gestures. When you have finished, place your knife and fork – with the tines facing upwards – together on your plate.

I think that’s quite enough for today. Your homework is to practice these steps at dinner tonight, whether is be at Chipotle or a finer dining establishment, such as Tea & Sympathy.

'Anything wrong with your dinner?' Almost as terrifying as Nicky.

And two final points: 1) If you feel out of your depth, just copy your fellow diners. 2) ALWAYS compliment the cook.

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