Happy Easter: 5 Craziest Creme Egg Recipes

Our of our most pleasant online discoveries has been the subculture of enthusiasts sharing a whole host of wonderfully bizarre Cadbury Creme Egg recipes. We felt it would make the perfect Easter feature to share our top five… Prepare to be amazed at what people come up with!!

5. Creme Egg Salad Sandwich.
We’re not going to beat around the bush: this turns our stomach. But a prime example of a hardened enthusiast’s dedication to taking the Creme Egg cause to a whole other level.

4. Creme Egg Tart
Much better – we actually want to eat this one. But too conservative for our liking, which is why it only makes fourth place.

3. Creme Egg Foo Young
Despite sounding rather unpleasant, this is actually quite a tasty combination: rice pudding, peanut butter, coconut and Creme Egg. We wouldn’t say no!

2. Creme Egg Benedict
It was a very tough call for first place, and what swung it was that we’d featured this recipe before. Creme Egg Benedict – the chocoholic’s brunch of choice!!

1. Creme Egg Brulee
We felt this recipe successfully ticked the novelty box while also causing us to lick our lips. If we have enough left Creme Eggs left over from Easter, perhaps this will make it on to the specials’ menu.


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