Nicky’s Gardini: Something for the Weekend

Did you know the Brits are said to be obsessed by the weather? We’ve never been fully convinced than we are more so than our fellow New Yorkers – which is a great thing conversation-wise. But the forecast for this weekend is causing much excitement here in Little Britain.

In celebration of the good weather we have ahead of us, this week we’re breaking from tradition and sharing a recipe for a cocktail. This is our own twist on a Gin Garden, and we love that it blends the traditional flavors of British springtime with the classic New York cool of a Martini. Nicknamed ‘Nicky’s Gardini’, it tastes just as good drunk on the beach in the Hamptons as in an English pasture – so take it with you this weekend!

The elderflower is indigenous to Northwest Europe and was very popular with the Victorians. In season for a short period at the end of May, the flowers make a delicious fragrant syrup, once steeped in sugar and lemon.

Nicky’s Gardini

1 tbsp chopped cucumber
1 tbsp elderflower cordial (we sell this instore)
1 1/4 fl oz London gin
1 fl oz apple juice
A sprig of mint to garnish

  • Steep the cucumber in the gin over night.
  • Add the gin, sans cucumber, to a cocktail shaker with the elderflower cordial, apple juice and a handful of ice and shake hard.
  • Pour into a martini glass and garnish with the mint.

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