How to Marry Harry: Chivalry, Part Two

British etiquette expert Dowager Robinson here. When courting a prince, one must keep their guard up, which is where this second part of my chivalry guide comes in handy. And after reading the guide, cast a vote on your favorite British bachelor in our facebook poll.

Love a man in uniform? Vote for Harry here.

So, notebooks out. First point, a man should stand up to greet a woman the first time he meets her but there is no need to be a jack-in-the-box – jumping up and down every time she goes to powder her nose. The modern British gentleman should focus on instinctive gestures rather than contrived behaviour that feels outdated and oppressive. If you notice these acts are anything other than genuine kindness, he is not doing his job properly.
It’s important to remember that chivalry does not guarantee a good catch. There may be a rascal or two out to get their hands on your trust fund, or who’ll pick up the check but will shoot
 at the waitress while they’re at it. Be wary of these dark knights and lechy lotharios. Here’s my checklist; only a take home a man home if he tickes all the boxes:
  • He rarely loses his temper, and never in public.
  • He can seemingly handle any situation that is thrown at him.
  • He is patient, and left unruffled by life’s daily irritations.
  • He is modest, yet confident, and cultivates an air of ease.

Now that we’ve given you the rundown. tell us your ideal Brit catch. Is it Harry’s hand you’re after, or the foppish charm of Mr. Colin Firth? Or if you’re one for the bad guys, step forward Simon Cowell. Let us know by voting in our facebook poll… we’ll publish the results next week!

With a smile like that, how bad can he be? If you're one for the bad guys, cast a vote for Simon here.


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