Happy St. George’s Day!

When it comes to patriotism, the English can be a little reserved. St. George’s Day tends to pass by largely unnoticed, and we bet a fair number of British schoolchildren don’t know the story of George and the dragon. But for one day, we’re going to ignore the rain, the long winter nights, and how bloody expensive it is, and focus on some of England’s best bits, with these photos taken from one of our Pinterest boards.

If you have any holiday snaps from a trip to Blighty, send ’em our way and if we get enough, we’ll start an album of them.

Update: The prize will be a $20 gift voucher. Just tag us in your best snap of Blighty over on facebook, and we’ll pick a winner soon!

Green Valley, Peak District.

Clovelly, Devon

Natural History Museum, London

Land's End

We couldn't leave this one out.... Lovely London!

One thought on “Happy St. George’s Day!

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