Happy May Day

Back in Blighty, May 1st is known as May Day. The unofficial start to summer, this is when the weather supposedly picks up and trees start to blossom. And our sources tell us that true to form, the sun is shining across the UK today. Ahh, what we’d do to be stood outside a local pub on a village green, sipping a pint of warm bitter….

Oh to be in England... and all that. Get us a pint wouldya.

One of our favorite of England’s many bizarre and antiquated customs is the Maypole. Originating in pagan Germany a long, long time ago, it is a wooden pole around which dancers wrap ribbons. A very strange sight indeed, and needless to say the association with May day has been lost in the mists of time.

2 thoughts on “Happy May Day

  1. My mum was telling me about this today, apparently she did the maypole dance business when she was about 10 in Carlisle. I can verify that it’s been a beautifully sunny day here, at least in Scotland, but I think also across most of the UK.

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