How to Marry Harry: The British Etiquette Wedding Guide

Dowager Robinson here for a final installment of my etiquette guide. You should have bagged a prince by now and be making your booking at Westminster Abbey. While a lot of decisions will be dictated by tradition, here’s some protocol you should bear in mind for your big day. And if it inspires you, you still have time to enter Tea & Sympathy’s pinterest contest.

Something Old

With the world’s biggest jewellery box at his family’s disposal, Harry will most likely adorn your finger with a priceless heirloom. As we well know, Kate was lucky enough to receive Diana’s beautiful sapphire engagement ring.

Something New

Your dress, of course. Do not be fooled by over-friendly princesses suggesting you borrow your mother’s frock: they are surely trying to sabotage your wedding!

Equally, be wary of choosing a long-standing royal wedding designer like Norman Hartnell: you are not blue blood yet. Instead, go for something elegant contemporary: Kate looked fabulous in Sarah Burton.

Another royal bride you must be sure to draw fashion inspiration from is, of course, the gorgeous Grace Kelly.

Something Borrowed

You know you’re really in there when the Queen herself lends you a priceless diamond tiara. Kate wore a 1936 Cartier Tiara known as ‘The Halo’, lent to her by the Queen. Originally the Queen Mother’s, the Queen wore it on her 18th birthday, Princess Margret for the 1953 coronation, and later by Princess. Talk about fit for a queen!

Something Blue

For a fashion forward bride it is perfectly acceptable to wear something blue: shoes, a bag or even hair! Needless to say, this is not the case in the royal world. Kate kept it understated by sewing a blue ribbon somewhere out of sight. We recommend a pair of sapphire panties!

All that is left for me to say now is farewell my young newly weds. I’m sure you live happily ever after. And if not, I provide a fabulous course in royal divorce etiquette!

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