The British Sandwich Industry Awards 2012

While the Oscars and the Olympics dominate calendars the year round, some just as important events go by barely noticed. They may showcase talent, flair, and near perfectness in equal measures, but – for whatever reason – the world turns a blind eye. One of these events came to pass last week, and we feel it our duty to bring to your attention The British Sandwich Industry Awards 2012. Known by those in the know as ‘The Sammies’ they bring together the finest artists (yes artists) from across Britain to show the heavenly peaks that can be reached between two slices of bread.

The glamorous event takes place annually, with the ‘New Sandwich Product of the Year’ category providing the piece de resistance. The shortlist for 2012 offered a culinary world tour of flavorful fillings, with Chicken Jalfrezi Flatbread appearing alongside Cranberry, Wensleydale and Bacon. But there could only be one winner, and this year the bready crown went to Marks & Spencer’s Ultimate Chicken, Mango and Sweet Chilli Sandwich. Delicious!

While we don’t want to attract from the utter fabulousness (and utmost importance) of this event, we do have one question for the organisers: where the devil were our world famous finger sandwiches?!?

The height of English refinement: our finger sandwiches are available in-store or for delivery. Just give us a call on 212-989-9735.

2 thoughts on “The British Sandwich Industry Awards 2012

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