British Pantry: Heinz Ketchup Pours Like Milk!

The news from home is that the weather has been distinctly un-British. The mercury is hovering in the 80s, ale is flowing freely from the taps and village greens across the country are playing host to slow-paced cricket matches. But no one’s keeping track of the score, because on the rare occasions the weather’s this good, frankly who cares? With the long weekend underway here in New York City, we can guarantee there’ll be a transatlantic theme over the next couple of days: barbeque!

And what is the must-have barbeque condiment? While we know this is debatable, our vote goes with Heinz ketchup. And while we know it isn’t particularly British (well, not at all), it’s certainly a national staple, and it makes a great excuse to share this video with you. The magic of science!

One thought on “British Pantry: Heinz Ketchup Pours Like Milk!

  1. I’m not a Heinz tomato ketchup lover, in fact I can’t stand it, which some people think is odd as I love tomato’s. As for that bottle, I just heard on the radio yesterday that they were going to coat the inside of the bottles with something (can’t remember what) to make it easier to pour. My initial thought after watching the vid, was that there will be a many people with a lot more sauce on their plate’s than they wanted lol

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