Bird’s Custard

Thick or thin, runny or lumpy, hot or cold; every Brit has their own way with custard and plenty of school canteen memories to go with it (good or bad!). A sweet vanilla cream that is scientifically proven to make every cake, baked good and dessert taste better, we get through lashings of the stuff every day.

Bird’s Custard Powder is nothing short of culinary magic. When mixed with milk, heated and stirred, this cornstarch-based powder thickens into a delectable custard. This method allows the skilled cook to create their preferred consistency by regulating heat and spoon-work. We serves our quite light, feeling this the right way. However the pre-mixed variety available in-store is of the more viscous nature that will remind most people of school.

As well as being a delicious product, Bird’s Custard deserves a place in our British Pantry for its brand credentials. Sold across the world from Canada to India, it is recognised by 99% of surveyed consumers back in Blighty. What’s more, it accounts for 45% of the custard consumed in the UK, which is pretty good going.

If you’re yet to try custard, we strongly urge you to do so. It is one of the few foods to fall into the category of life-changing. And you don’t have to invest in a whole tub of powder, or carton of pre-mix, as it comes as an option with all the cakes and desserts we serve in the restaurant. Order yourself a cuppa to go with it and you’ve got the perfect end to a meal.



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