The Queen & Prince Phillip Wedding Photos

While we don’t want to overdo all this monarchy business, we thought these photos of the marriage of The Queen and Prince Phillip were so fabulous, it was safe to share them so close after the Queen’s Jubilee. Especially as they come with a fantastic story: according to the Queen’s nanny, the young Elizabeth lost her heart to Phillip while slow dancing to tunes from the musical Oklahoma! They’d fit in perfectly in the West Village.

The official wedding portrait.

King George VI and The Queen Mother returning to Buckingham Palace through Trafalgar Square. Notice conspicuous lack of cell phones in hands!

On the balcony and still perfecting the wave. From left to right: Princess Margaret, Lady Mary Cambridge, the Royal couple, and the Queen Mother.


The best man to the left of Elizabeth, bridesmaids (including Princess Margaret Rose), right, beside Prince Philip, and the page boys. Lady Mary Cambridge is third from left, Princess Alexandra of Kent, is fourth from left.

You can read the full account of the romance according to Queen Elizabeth’s nanny here.

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