Gentleman’s Relish: Wimbledon Men’s Final British Pantry

Be warned, today’s British Pantry item is a weird one. But what with the Wimbledon men’s finals being held today, and our feature on Nicky’s dad earlier this week, it fits perfectly. The British culinary scene has its fair share of oddities: condiments, sauces and store cupboard items from the Edwardian and Victorian eras, and even before that. Through a trickle of customers, and a dedicated workforce (often family-run or providing the raison d’etre for a community), these foodie relics of yesteryear are still present in (some) modern British kitchens. And Gentleman’s Relish is just such a product.

A spread made of anchovies, butter, herbs and spices, Gentleman’s Relish is best served sliced on white toast with thinly sliced cucumber. A very pungent concoction (think: fish + salt), this is certainly an acquired taste and will put hairs on the chest of all that eat it. Perhaps that explains the name?

Unfortunately, as it contains animal products, we are unable to import Gentleman’s Relish, but we strongly recommend you give it a try on your next visit to the UK. Dedicating this post to Nicky’s dad – and whoever wins the tennis later today!


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