The Fashion of Prince Charles

There’s no point beating around the bush here: Prince Charles is one of the least liked Royals. If it went to public vote, chances are the crown would pass from Queen Elizabeth II direct to Will and Kate. But, continuing our gentleman theme from last week, we’re asking if such a write off is really warranted. We’ve dug through the old Windsor family albums and, as these pics show, Charles at least deserves some credit as an arbiter of English gentlemanly style. What do you think: do these pictures make you see him in a better light? And, most importantly, which is your favorite of his looks?

Burberry eat your heart out!

Cardigan! Now available in a thrift store on Bedford Ave.

Charles does dapper! Our favorite of all his looks.

Charles does rugged!

Charles does holiday!

Charles goes topless!

Charles does sporty!

Charles does safari!

Charles does regal!

One thought on “The Fashion of Prince Charles

  1. In the first picture it seems to shine with Princess Diana’s light, not his own. I like the business man look, at of course the regal pose, after all he is a royal.

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