Mr Kipling French Fancies: Bastille Day British Pantry

In this week’s British Pantry, we continue to pay homage to our froggy cousins across the Channel. Today, is of course, Bastille Day; a foundational day for the modern French nation. As well as republicanism, the French make great cakes. And it seems, the British make great fake French cakes. For while we’re sure your average Gaul would balk at the painfully sweet and  sticky fondant icing atop a Mr Kipling French Fancy, we think it’s one of the most decadent things you will ever have the pleasure to pop in your mouth.

As the 1985 advert below shows, French Fancies are often found on the table at kids parties, but this doesn’t mean they’re not good enough for adults. A cube of soft sponge topped with a dome of buttercream and enveloped in the aforementioned fondant icing: you’d be very hard pushed to get more indulgent textures into a 2-inch cube.

Despite rigorous research, we’ve been unable to unearth what is so French about French Fancies. We thought the resemblance to petits fours may have explained it, but haven’t been able to verify this. Otherwise, we’re at a loss: they’re not particularly pretentious, they don’t smell and they’re certainly not widely hated. If you know what it is about these delicious treats that makes them so French, do let us know!

It seems French Fancies are a not uncommon choice for a wedding cake. A fantastic idea!

We sell French Fancies in-store and online (when in stock). Call us on 212-989-9735 or send an email to to enquire further.


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