Tartar Sauce

Yesterday marked the beginning of National Fishing Month back in Blighty. As there’s nothing much else on the calendar this summer (ahem, Olympics), we’re certain this piscine party will be everyone’s main point of focus. And we’re getting in on the action with this week’s British Pantry, the ideal accompaniment to a nice bit of fish: Tartar Sauce.

A delectable mix of mayonnaise, dill, lemon juice, chopped pickles and capers, this is one of our all-time favorite condiments. We don’t sell any branded varieties in-store, but instead send people around to A Salt & Battery. They make their own from scratch to a recipe they won’t share with anyone – not even us!

We recommend a dollop with a portion of steaming battered haddock and a cold can of shandy. Reminds us of wet summer holidays on British beaches… here’s hoping the Olympics isn’t a washout!

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